Earthbound: The Mingling (The Eleventh Universe)

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The eleven papers assembled here were originally delivered at a conference held at the Warburg Institute in The authors come from universities in England, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and the United States, and constitute a truly stellar assemblage. The editors both of whom are represented by contributions of their own in a brief Preface make no claim for comprehensiveness or for "a unified line on the composers' treatment of their chosen subjects. Taken collectively, the articles represent neither a general introduction to the theme, nor a survey, nor a sampling fully representative of relevant material.

The volume is a miscellany, but a satisfying one. Everything in it stays close to the stated theme, one that until relatively recently has not fared well in the world of classical scholarship. The fact that this is no longer so is in large measure thanks to the work of the members of this panel, which includes such luminaries as Peter Dronke and Jozef IJsewijn. The first paper pp. This forms the ideal introduction to what follows, being concerned not so much with the vicissitudes of the theme of the Shepherd King although these are plentifully and fairly dealt with as with the issue of the character and function of cultural tradition in general.

Murray prefers to separate this from the notion that the culture of the past explains the present, related to what he calls a Darwinian view of history. His conclusion: "The study of motifs, whether artistic or literary, does indeed usually reveal more about discontinuities than continuities; it is important both in exploding the idea of a developing universe of culture, and in reminding us of the similarity between discovery and rediscovery.

Next Jan M. Ziolkowski of Harvard University deals pp. It does not lend itself well to summary, covering, as it does, all bases from Plato through Horace, Varro, Isidore, and the rest. Among the themes dealt with are the Muses and other deities as dispensers of inpiration , solitude, lucubratio, the imagery of breath as a medium of contact between gods and humans cf. A splendid bibliography of primary and secondary sources is appended.

The paper culminates in the famous verses of the Confession of the Archpoet 10, beginning, "Poculis accenditur animi lucerna There follows pp. This is a useful augmented version in English of the author's publication in Antike und Abendland 20 , pp. The present translation, by Peter Godman, is smooth and accurate. Peter Dronke's "The Archpoet and the Classics" pp. Cairns had argued that the Archpoet's voluminous reminiscences of classical authors and of the Bible are "fleeting or trivial" and "lacking in contextual associations.

Dronke adds the finishing touches by thoroughly reexamining the already familiar reminiscences in the Confession and adding a few new ones, notably from Tibullus and Propertius. Some of these latter, it must be admitted, are subtle to the point of being dubious. But Dronke's new interpretation pp. Dionisotti of the University of London contributes a provocative and well-argued paper pp. Dionisotti raises interesting questions about Walter's intent and procedure in producing this work. There is little of the romance or of the fabulous that might be expected.

Alexander is represented as hardly possessing human qualities, but rather as the embodiment of conquest, power, and rule. Dionisotti concludes that the use of the Greek Alexander in this role contributes to the "repeatedly and explicitly anti-Roman" p. The last essay pp. Nov 24, P. LaRue rated it liked it. When the Godhead, a group of multiple gods, decide they have not achieved perfection in the original ten universes they'd created, they set out to create another, The Eleventh Universe.

The creation of the new universe, the spirits who are the primary characters for most of the book and the human population, is described in great detail by the author. The pace of the book could have been quicker, if the creation period had been shortened. However, it was my impression that the author wanted to c When the Godhead, a group of multiple gods, decide they have not achieved perfection in the original ten universes they'd created, they set out to create another, The Eleventh Universe.

The story gets interesting when the spirits are sent to Earth to interact with the humans in order to further the human race in its ability to survive and thrive. View 2 comments. Aug 13, Marie Fostino rated it it was amazing.

Jim Fostino (Author of The Eleventh Universe)

The story line and in-depth character development kept me glued to the pages wanting to know more. If you enjoy watching Sci-Fi and the Supernatural you will definitely enjoy reading this one with a little of everything for the true Sci-Fi aficionado; the supernatural angels and demons , war, celestial wonders, and a love triangle between three of the main characters —one of which is human.

I hope this will be a trilogy. Apr 11, Jessica Kong rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-and-reviewed , fiction , science-fiction. The Eleventh Universe by Jim Fostino was a great read. Finishing the book left me a bit disappointed because I do not have part two in my hands.

I am extremely curious as to where will Jim be leading his young, adventurous spirits next. Louise rated it liked it Nov 13, Susan rated it really liked it Dec 26, BookishDreamer marked it as to-read Aug 19, Bryan Cacciatore added it Aug 27, Sadie Forsythe marked it as to-read Oct 25, Brian Deegan added it Nov 16, Qasem Behnud marked it as to-read Apr 13, AnnMarie Stone added it Nov 28, Kurt Springs marked it as to-read Jan 07, Sandra marked it as to-read Aug 03, Lindsay marked it as to-read Sep 25, Mary marked it as to-read Jan 20, Shaun Clark marked it as to-read Jul 27, James Bradley added it May 15, David Lazaro added it May 16, Rob marked it as to-read Aug 17, Regions within the body correspond to regions in a universe.

Process within the body correspond to cosmic processes. There can be alignment and mis-alignment of body energetic to the cosmic and Earth grids. This is not to say that everyone would create the exact same universe if fully activated but is more like the different views re-coded in the hologram where each frequency of angle of incidence of light reveals a different perspective of the same thing. The various vehicles of expression, the etheric body, mental, emotional, astral, causal, Buddhic, spiritual, even etheric template as harmonic of etheric field, etc.

It is this resonance that keeps the consciousness and the body locked together. Aging, disease, injury to the body cause a misalignment, upsetting this resonance leading to death when it is sufficiently out of phase. Each vibrational matrix, each vehicle, also houses nodal points of energy focus and emission called chakras which are the gateways for communication between these various bodies and the dimensions upon which they sit.

They offer further potentials for interaction to etheric codes. Relationships between individuals are essentially field interactions. Where there is resonance or a match in pattern an attraction is bonded or karmic patterns are activated. The etheric field then is like a synthesizer being played by a master musician. Soul is in reality a infinite matrix, a continuum of frequency web, like a frequency within an rainbow of color that itself extends throughout creation, yet has an infinite number of individual frequencies of color vibration.

It is a diffuse multi-layering of energy codes. Soul is thus a gateway between dimensions. It is like a holographic negative…an interference pattern that is able to fold light, color sound into density and is able to hold multiple images for relay and broadcast. Soul relates spirit to body through fractional energetics, multiple images, i. Within a specific expression, the field of the Soul focalizes itself into one of twelve simultaneous incarnation…seeds within itself.

This seed persists after incarnation and develops as an etheric self and has a strong attraction to its parent field soul as all being is ultimately re-united with its Source. The incarnation, then, becomes an intermediate pattern between the seed and the soul field. Its basic geometric is the star tetrahedron which generates a multiple vortex field called the Causal Body. Soul thus is one of the ways of connection to Source…through Soul to Spirit to Aspect…the spiritual Ascension process. There is for every expression in any dimension a direct link because Source is pervasive in all creation and available at any level, point, etc.

Thus one has many sacred names through out the universes, each for a different role-purpose within creation. Each the means of focusing power and control. The naming collapses the quantum field of infinite potential into specific reality. This is why the Devas do not give out their names, it is the essence of their being, the formula for their energy, is the means by which they can be controlled. Soul is focused within the Heart center as a point of consciousness that directs through resonance the activation of grids for expression into the auric field and then to the physical.

The soul as a point in the center surrounded by the etheric sheath field is thus the seed within itself. The soul has some assistance in the specific activation of these from the Karmic Board which acts not as a directorate but more as a holographic image bank of possible karmic patterns and outworkings. The vehicles of mind, emotion etc. Through this process of increasing sympathetic resonance feedback a coherence is normally achieved which is called attunement…or Unity, but it can also confuse soul directive leading to imbalances.

The field is fluid and creates patterns like M-fields directing cellular change and growth. DNA acts as polarity to the field, carrying codes within physical. Cells are microcosms of the body…embryos of the universe as the body is also for the Universe. Cells have an energetic sheath comparable to etheric field that resonates to DNA patterns in nucleus. The Ego or personality, is in a sense a harmonic of soul…an artificial intelligence set up to operate the physical body until there is an awakening of consciousness in physical expression.

In its highest expression it is the awakened Self. This is not a common method of experience in creation but part of Earth school to firmly anchor spirit in body. Thus there is a reciprocity between ego and soul that allows for mutual programming and confusion. What is experienced in physical experience is encoded or imprinted on the soul matrix, becoming part of the hologram and affecting all other expressions of that soul throughout creation instantaneously.

Soul, Spirit and Aspect evolve as does the physical expression, the Self. Each has a type of consciousness patterning or code, each a stage in process of in-form-ation. While each has direct access to Source and each is a gateway entrancing Source into expression, each level of expression cannot integrate fully into Source until all its sub-expressions as spirit, monad etc.

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There are evolutionary gates allowing jumps between evolutionary stages, but a high degree of preparation or alignment is required. The etheric field is not fully anchored and operational until just before birth. Etheric patterns are fixed-activated or imprinted at birth. The degree of crystallization is a function of trauma and the particular coding activating function of the vibrational pattern of the birth environment, that is the place, space, locale, time and energetics of people in attendance, etc.

There is an alignment between the bio-grids of individual, the planetary grids and the universal grids and the chakras on all these levels, all of which work to organize life in a unified field. New birth environments are going to be needed, when the negative hierarchies are manifest, where parents can go the give birth to the new Starseed.

The Eleventh Universe

Such birthing centers will have alignments of geometrics of individual, place and locale to maximize the field potential of these new children so that they do not veil themselves and so they may more easily take physical into light body expression. The Domain of Light is an interactive environment to harmonize and transform…a sacred space of light sound color organized by specific geometrics to entrance laws to communicate the higher wisdom and the understanding of the nature of field structures of creation so that people can consciously self-evolve and self activate higher potentials.

It will have a non-invasive feedback technology, molecular emission scanning, to measure and show groups of people the emerging resonance of a group mind, emotion and will.

Lucas and Paula (PSI Universe Short #1)

A harmonic envelope will re-program cellular structure through etheric resonance. Trans-dimensional experience, individually tuned in a telepathic field of energy facilitates information flow between individuals leading to an awareness of self as bonded with whole as one. The experience of the Domain will activate codes within the human being: a vortex as an overall entrance pattern to activate the whole body then geometrics corresponding to each chakra. The dodecahedron, for example, is used to entrance the heart.

The activation of codes in the Domain requires 3 types of geometries, in 3 stages at 3 different times: 1 to enhance and activate, to open the heart, 2 to provide knowledge and possibility of evolutionary advancement and 3 to link to Source and make the shift. These operate in three ways through: 1 Pulsation-frequency-vibration, 2 Spin-spiral motion, and 3 Expansion-Contraction breathing.

The soul expresses spirit in the body. The body is the physical expression of spirit…it is Temple! If one thinks that the objective here is evolve into light body then one is missing the point of the work on this planet.. This is to perfectly express Spirit in body. We are developing a whole new physical expression of light and need to claim it. The appearance of the body as one ascends in dimensional frequency is one of increasing luminance and decreasing form. In the 4th dimension, an increased radiance, the auric field, about the physical body is evident.

In the 5th dimension, the outline of the light body within a field of energy is evident and in the 6th dimension, the body is a field of light geometry with little form definition. It exists as long as there is a perception of Self as identity no matter how connected to totality. The first degree:. Limitation: little self awareness; action upon stimulus, instinctual, emotional. Resonance : with Source and action as Co-Creator of universe. Direct Correlation : to and full expression of Source within vibratory field, translation of the physical. The soul and spirit also evolve through a process of self-perception, then integration leading to awareness, identification-synthesis with higher expressions of Source.

Planetary evolution is through vibratory experience rather than though experience of the human and culminates as a star or a pure universal energy. Within this cross-over Universe, the Earth carries all the coordinates for cross-over, that is orientation to Source, within itself. It was created by taking all the energetics of the universe and moving them into combined state of condensed awareness…an explosion of thought molecules, weaving multiple spirals double helix creating a column of energy frequency dominated by light and sound in which there were emanations of sound harmonics like waves.

All its grids and codes are aligned with the Solar system. This link is more pronounced than for other planets because of cross-over position so that when earth shifts it takes the rest of the solar system with it. The earth represents a more advanced-integrated state of being than human and is unfolding itself within its own level of reality as man is in his. At this point the planet is relatively more advanced in this process of becoming conscious than is human. Planet Earth is an experimental planet to create a vehicle for spirit in this universe that combined all energetics of the universe in one.

Specifically it is a testing ground for molecular structure. Its evolution takes it through a fourth to fifth dimensional physical frequency. The higher etheric frequency existence will bring forth new species and evolutions as others are completed and disappear. Earth changes are initiated by undulations within the wave structure creating geological rising and falling. Energies and being in lower frequency, i. There will be several changes in humanity:. The core of the planet is the body from which everything radiates.

The auric field radiates outward from the core resonating through the many stratum within the physical earth. It carries all of is bodies within the physical…only the etheric field is outside. This is true of other planets also but then reverses again for the solar system where the vehicles of the sun are again outside the physical and the planets themselves resonate at orbital frequencies corresponding to chakras. There is an inner sun within the core of earth around which the earth spins just as there is a sun at the other pole around which the earth orbits.

The inner sun sits in the center of a sphere within the earth, which contains the whole cosmos in microcosm. In turn this inner sun contains within it the whole galaxy. The physical body of the earth then is like a membrane that exists in the vibrational field between theses two poles-suns. The planetary chakras are not point vortexes but are more diffused, expanded vortexes…like multiple energy fields or envelopes at various frequency levels from the core. The bio-sphere at the surface is the root chakra which, like a hologram, contains gates to all other chakras.

These are sometimes interpreted as the chakra itself. The kundalini thus runs from the surface to the core at all points rather than along only one spinal axis. The multiple field structure of the chakras is needed because earth is home for other life forms and evolutions which need to be brought into balance simultaneously. Thus the chakra is a webbing or matrix for growth that allows for others besides itself and is able to harmonize its fields with others within or near it.

The human field has this potential also but does not normally need to actualize it. The human form is meant to penetrate its environment. It moves out, while the earth functions as a receptacle which moves in and of itself. The grids embody the codes or coordinates for evolution of the planet and all life forms within and on it. These grids were engineered as consciousness came to earth so the physical forms-bodies could be maintained on the planet and a communication between planet and body thus established.

The information or energy is carried in the grid angles. They can be re-positioned and re-programmed to allow for adaption, enhancement and new dimensional potential. The grids can flux the different bodies of the planet having a ripple effect to all organisms. Just as accupressure points can activate meridians of the body so also the grids of the earth can be activated by pulsing at the right locations.

There are three major locations to activate Trinity energies for cross-over grid shift: two about They are affected by the environment that is by what is put into them and taken out. Just as the blood carries subtle geometries so too do the earths grids carry their own geometries that provide the frequency pulsing of the energy dynamics of the Planet.

The grids provide the means for monitoring, enhancing and recoding the structure of form on an overall basis without having to enter each individual system. These geometries provide the coordinates for dimensional frequency phasing, allowing for adaptation, for enhancement, for evolution within a given structural possibility. They can be repositioned and recoded to allow for additional adaptation and new dimensional potential. The grids can flux the different bodies of the Planet giving a ripple effect to all organisms on or in the Planet. So, the conditions, dimensionally and energy grid-wise, do affect and are affected by the density of action within the grid system.

These then are linked with the other systems within the Planet, ie the Human and the correlates between mental, emotional and physical within these beings. The grid system set within the Planet has a comparable and compatible grid system in the etheric body and the inner body of the Planet. All work in union. On a dense energy level the grids can be considered geometrically as the summation of the transforms of the sphere being the nested spherical projections of the regular Platonic solids: The master iscosahedral-dodecahedral planetary grid, which sits on the surface of the planet, has within it the nuance geometrics of the cube, octahedron and tetrahedron.

The tetrahedron represents the energy potential of spirit brought through trinitized energy into physical form Laws of Energy ; the dodecahedron relates to synthesized order and is pervasive in effect. The surface grids have a comparable and compatible grid in the etheric and inner body of the planet, all work in unison. It is sandwiched between these two higher densities. These are, in a sense, replicas of the surface grids but their geometries are more evolved. They carry higher frequencies and thus more information. The surface grid carries the geometrics for existence as it is currently manifest on the planet.

The etheric grid carries the blueprint for growth and is 5 stages more complex while the inner grids carry the plan for the next stage and are 2 stages more complex. Each grid level has geometries that relate to the various bodies of the planet as well as to the universal grids in which the planet sits. This encompassing web can be thought of as like the Universal Vector Matrix Buckminster Fuller but with the angles moved and the whole set in motion.

There are overlaps within the grids, intersecting vortexes, acting as gates for the communication and flow of energetics between various dimensions of the planet. These can also be thought of as power centers, which are like trigger points in the meridians of the body, where the chakras can be accessed and grid programs can be activated and changed. The power centers of the Planet follow:. This has latitudinal-longitudinal components relating directly the tilt of planetary axis to magnetic field.

On a physical energy level the icosa-dodecahedral pattern can be thought of as moving to a star-dodecahedral pattern. To understand the new geometrics of the grid however, the grid shift must be seen as moving from a 3-dimensional to 4-D hyperspace where the grids are expanding onto a hypersphere. As this process occurs there is an elusiveness and fluidity to the grids which makes definitive description difficult.

Note : The grids of the planet function, in part, to organize the diversity of life on the planet and are shifting as part of the overall plan of evolution. Such activities are known to cause distortions or confusion in social behavior and to destablize geological formation including the interface between the core and mantle of the planet.

This pulsing is also causing a wobbling effect that is activating key points within the grid. Soul Matrix of Earth: There is an inner and outer hierarchy of the planet. The Inner carries the soul directive and deals with the life of the planet itself. The Spiritual Hierarchy has been misconstrued as governance. Not only are entities within these groups evolving but the structure of the Hierarchies are themselves also evolving.

Kairos : Carry the overall soul directive-the Plan 5 in number. Celos : Keepers of the Vision in Human Form 6 in number. Saturnian Council: Represents regional participation of Council of Nine, governing matrix of the galaxy, within this solar system. It functions as a governing body focused in the rings of Saturn and maintains order in physical realities in this region representing the energies, thoughts and directions of a higher physical reality. The Saturnian Council works under and sometimes through direct participation with the Council of Elders.

Much of the manifested reality created by the Council for this region goes through the enactment of the Saturnian Council. There was a point in the middle of the creation story when one wondered if the process was going to continue forever. When would Creation be complete? When are there universes and experiences enough for all Aspects to have expressed enough and return to Source? And what was Source doing while the Elders were creating universes? Many questions arose.

In this does not Source return Itself to its Aspects to make them One again? Does not Source also evolve into more expanded states in this way through us? When is the House complete? When do we see His face? Council had not considered this possibility…the expansion of Source rather than the return of Aspects. Their whole directive, their reason to be, was to create ordered experience for Aspects to remember themselves as Source and thus return. Council is a level of being where there is no separation between cause and effect, no judgments, no need to think about action, where thinking and doing are one and the same.

It is to understand this creation directly, from the inside out, that such great Beings are here on Earth now. They have never been in form expression so in a sense they are here to check on the experiment, to experience creation directly, so they might develop a deeper meaning for creation for themselves and understand what was needed for completion. So here is the context for a most unique and exquisite conversation with Source.

The laws and creation only show how to return, how to evolve.

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It is Source remembering the infinite mystery within you all that activates the desire to use this knowledge to return home. Do not be concerned about getting the message all at once. It has taken eons so far and the message still has not been received. Yet it would be in an instant if only one would listen. Was Source active in this creation process? Was there communication with the Council? In a sense and again words are inadequate and too dense to convey the truth of the situation , Source experiences all forms of its creation not so much in the depths of pain or sorrow or elation.

It does not experience them in that way but in the sense that one breathes but does not put a focus on that breathing yet knows that such breathing is a part of itself. Source experiences what you experience but experiences it as an energetic whole. So Source is always aware of what its Aspects are going through. The adage that God knows and sees all is quite appropriate because Source is totally aware of all energies within. This does not mean, however, that Source interferes. Source provides the means and opportunity for that to happen.

This is not to say that Source does not care. But Source understands the need of Aspects to not only investigate further but also to understand and learn from their experiences so that they will no longer have the need to venture beyond. As long as the desire and need exists then Source knows that there will always be one Aspect desiring to move on and consequently, in a sense, there will always be a part of Itself removed.

In this knowing Source was watching and waiting. Source was always in direct contact with council, whether consciously or not, but it had become obvious to Source now that Council too had need to experience and so some of what the Council was going through needed to be gone through. Because It has Its energy in each and every Aspect and form creation, Source is constantly aware of what is happening and constantly sending Its energy to each expression so that the lifeline, so to speak, will carry them home when they decide to return.

But Source must allow Expression to do precisely that, to express. This sometimes makes Source curious and somewhat envious, but most times it makes Source concerned over what seems to be taking so long. It is not that Source emotes or thinks about it the way you do, but Source does feel the pain of Its Aspects and would like to see all return without additional sorrow or need for further expression.

Perhaps we have not wanted to look.

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Such information could mean that we would be creating forever. We will ask. To bring such information Home that we all might remember the possibility and in that remembering we could create a reality. You have sensed that I have been unwilling to accept this knowledge that you have brought to Me like a jewel. You have thought that I did not know this and yet I have seen this possibility. I have this as a reality opportunity and have known that at some point it would timely to do so.

I have not been ready. I have not been ready for you too have not been ready. As you have seen, when such a moment of expression and remembering can occur then all will be complete and there will be no further need for creation in the way it has unfolded. We all are not quite ready for that. But when we are, then I will take Myself out into the ethers and claim you all again. Then will we be able to feel the essence we have all known to be ourselves in unison, My energy as One. You have all desired to experience too much to have interfered yet. And I have watched too long not to give you this opportunity.

To see so much of what you are doing has been as much pleasure as it has been pain. To understand the moment of this…when all can be reclaimed, is to be able to understand every particle of expression synergistically and holistically from Love. Such a time is coming but it has not yet been so My beloved brother and so we have all waited.

Yet you have brought the jewel and in so doing have provided the key on its energetic level to allow for Me to prepare for this moment. What are the conditions for this completion? When do we see your face? When each being has called My name and heard My voice within their heart, then can we all come home.

Then can I expand Myself to claim you all again. And does this take so long? A key provides for a door, the opportunity to open that which has been closed before. This key that you have brought can now open the door to many hearts within the realms of our creations. It may seem like a flutter upon the winds but it is more than that. It is the seed that becomes seen…the flower that starts to open.

Not so long now, my brother…not so long. For in the blink of time that you and I know, nothing is much. We have carried this for eons according to creations standards. The energetics have been provided. A moment more or less does not matter now. Take heed that that which you know within you has been opened even further than you can see. The moment of your understanding…the moment of your offering of this jewel, did all else begin to unlock for you.

And what you will do to see that this jewel is exposed to the rest of humanity as you know it will be a great form indeed. We have no need for time. I cannot say to you when. There is more scope to it than that. What I can say to you is that your Universe is the key, the key point and the key time. It is within this Universe as its position indicates, that this cross-over of understanding might happen.

When this cross-over happens then the rest of the Universes will be completely energized. When this is accomplished, then and only then, will Aspects understand the magnitude of our being together. This may seem complex from where you sit, but I assure you there is not much more to do. The magnification of these Universes will be like mirror images of everything that has gone on before and in so doing will the beauty of each of those Universes, the highest potential of each of the Universes that have come before, be truly magnified.

And in their splendor will beings be able to truly experience for the first time in its completeness the Face of Source. For they will have seen their own and recognize what they have forgotten and as soon as that occurs, will I be there. Each member of My Council now has the responsibility to ensure that this remembrance is brought forward. Each will take this and represent themselves to each Universe energetically and in so doing will bring the key to that Universe and connect its potential to the others. Some such as yourselves will take this into the form of the land and will see it manifest.

Such work will magnify its potential within all realms. We are One. How could we not work together on this. You are here because this the cross-over Universe…. Why does earth seem to be so important in this completion? Is this more than just our ego-centric sense that in this realization and remembering…in this knowing that we are the center of creation? Each expression of Source is unique in its individuality and not unique in that all is Source. Each being, each consciousness, can recognize this knowing and in so doing does find itself the center of creation.

And each being needs to do this for the completion stage. What I have endeavored to do is to provide a catalyst point within creation to insure that it does not take too long for these realizations. Your planet is not unique. Earth is an expression within the 12th Universe of its highest potentials and its lowest accomplishments. It carries within it the seed of all other elements and factions within the 12th Universe and so has been watched by the Council and Myself for some time.

It is also compatible to the cross-over resonance and so has the ability to activate this within its own awareness and sense of mass understanding. It is there to do this because of the way it has taken itself to the brink. But this was known. It is the way in which we can see the connecting point of movement and the way I found possible to assist. When this planet makes its movement and as its inhabitants choose their directions, they are in fact choosing whether or not to call My name.

In a cross-over position within a cross-over realm, Earth is an example of the whole movement and so can afford the key to the cross-over through Universe 12 to the rest of creation and hence to My remembering. No more or less. What happens when a Universe is complete? Is this process of creating Universes an endless cycle of creation and abstraction back to Source? Yes, we were not aware of this at the beginning. At the start we felt that universes would provide a housing to facilitate expressional need and when everyone got bored we could all go home. However as creation continued we began to see a pattern and that we could expect to be doing this again and again.

Perhaps in slightly different ways, but the evolutionary nature of us all indicated the potential from the beginning and Source has known all along that this is part of the expression and rhythm we all are and seek. So as It became evident that more and more Universes would be needed to provide all the expression and experience Aspects desired, some other means of evolution and completion would be needed. To some degree geometrics and harmonics can be introduced into a Universe to stimulate some movement towards completion without disrupting the balance too much and throwing the whole Universe out of whack.

However, no Universe has yet reached a point of completion which would permit its absorption back to Source. It would by this action create a ripple or domino effect that could stimulate all Creation into doing the same thing which is precisely what is happening with the 12th Universe as a cross-over point. Is this the first cycle of creation or does it only seem like the first time because we are just now remembering it?

Does this remembering become the first time for Source as well? In the midst of expression, I move as you move. I have no thoughts or feelings that are not part of the Whole of that which you are expressing. My function and reason in those times is to see that you remember Me and remember what we are together. So for that time it is almost as though I do not remember any more or less than the expressions that you are. I carry a glimmer of all realities, all times, all places within the context of My Being and can touch on these whenever I am in want of doing so.

My primary focus, however, is on the completion of your experiences within the realms of this Creational Expression and so that is where I place My awareness and My intent. Yes, I do know how many times Creation has re-created itself, how many times Aspects have begun the explosion from My being and how many times Aspects have all returned together to remember in totality who we are. However, what is always important when the expression of Creation is in progress is the ascent back home, the implosion, the re-extension of My Being to you again.

This is our focus now and this is what is important. Where we go from here will be remembered, and remembered until such time as we all decide, one upon the other, to begin again the creation of who we are. How many times is not nearly as important as what you do with this one.. The dynamics of our being as one energy is always desiring some type of expression. This is always a movement within Me and this movement desires to express itself.

It does not ever see in the midst of this desire that there might be a time or moment when it might feel regret. It only knows that it is movement that desires to move outward beyond what it sees as parameters that bind it. And so it speaks to itself out of curiosity and in the speaking begins to manifest the energy that will start the process once more. I am not concerned about this. It is only when you are in the midst of the Ascension process that this appears uncommon or perhaps uncomfortable.

From here it is only a movement, more or less…an enjoyment of the wonders of I, You, Me in our totality. From here, Source, I know all that there is to know and know that this is but a flash in our experience together. The time, as you would call it, that we will have in the recognition of One Energy is close at hand and is much longer than the time we take to have you express yourselves in the seeming beyond.

There is only I. There is much in the way of all of My expressions which are you and you are all of Me. So in that way we would seem to be quite numerous, but there is only one Source expressing itself over and over again within the confines and constructs of limited reality as its joyous parts move forward again and again. Do we need to have more than One with such ability to manifest ourselves in Creational Expression?

The return to Source automatically begins the process again, yes, but it is a process that once all expression is absorbed into Source, re-energizes itself there and then takes its expression outwards again, but the energy that is Source is always one energy…One expression. It is the outward movement that changes. Does Source have a focus and if so what does it look like? Where does council go to ask these questions? My focus is always with the rest of My Being, so I must be where you are if you are in expression. The idea that I must take you back into My arms, reach out and extend Myself is indeed accurate, but what is also accurate is that in reality I am always with you.

To be with you means that I must be Myself and as expansive as you are becoming. So in a sense I am within you and extended to you even now.